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Anton Bondarenko
Marketing Manager
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What is StoryCLM
StoryCLM — a digital-platform developed by BREFFI, allowing you to create interactive presentations with immediate feedback on the change in the customer perception of the brand and the representative’s activity.
This service is based on an interactive
presentation with branched narration
scenario demonstrated by the representative
to a doctor or pharmaceutist.
Interactive presentation makes it possible to:
Build a dialog exact to the sales model
Bring the product benefits exactly to the Сustomer’s need
Build communication depending on the Customer’s psychological type
How it works
Formation of KPI communication campaign
At the start of the project, we develop qualitative and quantitative indicators of the marketing campaign effectiveness together with the Customer. We always bear the responsibility for achieving the goals.
Quantitative KPIQualitative KPI
Emotional content creation
We not only intelligently structure the factual information about a product, but also choose bright, catchy metaphors for a story about it. Brightly presented information is remembered better by the doctor, triggers an emotional response from him.
The formation of the presentation’s adaptive algorithm
We prescribe branched, multi-leveled algorithm of the presentation slide show in such a way as to fully correspond to the doctor’s practice, and, therefore, be useful for him. We strive to maximize the involvement, to turn the doctor from a listener into a content creator.
Design and programming
Our designers have years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and, therefore, may with the precision of a medical textbook illustrate complex medical concepts, including brightness, memorability and compliance with the regulations imposed by the corporate identity of the drug.
Testing and training
We carefully test the logic and mechanics of presentation before running the campaign, as well as teach a team of representatives throughout the whole promotional course.
KPI Monitoring
With the help of our developed software we can track real time KPI targets operating, and can improve the content if necessary. The Customer has full access to the analytics and revision history via the StoryCLM platform.
StoryCLM system is a cloud-based platform with the ability to scale out, spread in one of the largest and most reliable data centers in the world (Azure).
It easily integrates with ERP- and CRM-systems, third-party applications, and data gathering devices. Basically, the principle of asynchronous data exchange is used.
The data accumulated by all participants of the system (mobile applications and external sources), is uploaded to the server and delivered to the recipients regardless of the availability of Internet connection, with guarantee and without errors.
StoryCLM Advantages
StoryCLM has a number of unique services to manage your marketing campaign effectiveness at different stages:
BREFFI Academy is our pride: a unique service for personalized remote learning for representatives. Assignments are generated based on the received analytics of personal indicators of each representative’s visit and are designed to improve the KPI quality and quantity of each representative and promotional campaign in general.
BREFFI Spectr — helps to assess the effectiveness of the visit, growth area in the sales model structure.
BREFFI Pyramid System — allows you to prioritize goals and manage KPI effectively.
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