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Zhanna Glinka
Head of the Promotion Team
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Promotion Team
A team of medical representatives, describing your
brand interests to physicians and pharmacists
in the Russian cities important to your business.
BREFFI promotion
team representative
The basic element in the brand promotion structure. 
Marketing synergy of the representative’s personal contact and wide range of digital
communication channels offered by BREFFI, give new sales outcome.
«We work together with my colleague, telemarketer Anna Davydkina
in a team. All of our materials, events, communications are digital.
Our task is to help doctors to receive new and useful information
for their work, quickly and timely».
Promotion Benefits
We promote brands in an integrated manner: prepare a strategy, create content and materials, train promotion team and monitor its activity.
quality standard
We invite candidates for medical representative vacancy with no experience in the industry. Employees learn and receive a permit to work after meeting BREFFI internal standards. Further we conduct daily quantitative and qualitative monitoring of visits what allows complying with the BREFFI unified quality work standard.
BREFFI promotion team reaches new results due to ongoing professional development. We use a modular system of training and motivate employees on continuous growth, providing a clear correlation between the competency development and compensation.
We use multi-channel promotion, providing the promotion team with BREFFI tools: STORYCLM, BREFFI ACADEMY EVENT BREFFI PMIC, ‘Forget-me-not’. The marketing mix is built around a unified concept and implemented by one team.
for the result
We use an alternative, clear approach to manage the promotion team, and it gives us confidence to undertake obligations to achieve the result.
Promotion team
representative’s tools
StorySLM is a smart Tablet
It allows even a novice to make an efficient visit. Interactive presentation’s structure leads the representative to the result based on the sales model stages.
Representative and cameraman teamwork
Marketing synergy allows you to increase the number of doctors in the current customer base of the representative, to improve execution and increase the share of voice.
BREFFI Academy
Modular system of representatives continuing professional training. An alternative to the traditional approach to learning.
Digital projects
Educational projects that create newsworthy events for the visit and provide maximum coverage of promotion areas.
Exchange of optimal practices directly at the workplace or even better from home with the best experts of the country. Short-term valuable online events for the doctor.
BREFFI event
Increasing effectiveness of BREFFI marketing events system allows you to evaluate the result of a promotional event and schedule the next event’s improvement activities.
Digital Projects
Assessment of Efficacy
Forget-me-not Service
Promotion Team
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